Northern California artist Todd Lovett is inspired by his love of nature and architectural elements.

Todd LovettBorn in Southern California, Lovett attended college in Sacramento and San Jose, receiving his degree in Fine Art. He began his studies in traditional oil and acrylic and eventually developed a passion for watercolors. The artist is also an accomplished Surface/Textile designer and brings his love of color and pattern to an exciting array of projects. Todd Lovett Studio also has a handmade greeting card line that features his work, combining both his fine artwork and his pattern design. Included is an extensive holiday line.

Artist's Statement: Gardens and architectural elements have always been inspiration for my artwork. Floral subject matter simply brings me joy to capture, striving for vivid bursts of color and intensity. My watercolors are full of detail yet I take delight when the paint reacts just a bit beyond my control at times, creating unplanned though the paint has chosen a direction of it's own. Though I have painted in acrylics and oils, watercolor is a medium that cannot be overworked. My paintings tell me when I am done.

las Rosas De La Renta

Watercolor 16" x 20"

My latest painting is slated for the auction block! The silent auction block, that is. I painted it with the intention of donating it to The League To Save Lake Tahoe. It will be offered at the Oscar De La Renta fashion show and luncheon. The painting is an homage to Mr. De La Renta who passed away last year. He had always been an influence for me.



sunburst vignette blue & yellow


From the artists card collection



walls of pompei

Watercolor 29" x 42"




Look About You

Watercolor 23" x 30"